Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow gets almost 200 Ofcom complaints from viewers who ‘didn’t like the ethnicity of panel’

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OFCOM has reported 190 complaints from viewers of Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow who “objected to the ethnicity of the contestants”.

The startling figures were included in the TV watchdog’s weekly report after the show aired a line-up of black contestants.


Ofcom said it has received 190 complaints about Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow[/caption]

The show – a reboot of Michael Barrymore gameshow Strike It Lucky – was applauded by many for fielding a line-up of six black players on Saturday night.

But several ended up posting about their disapproval on Twitter – prompting a pushback from other fans of the show and a debate about racism in Britain.

One exasperated viewer wrote: “What sort of country do we live in when people have to criticise an Alan Carr gameshow because there are black people on it.”

Another wrote on Twitter: “Shameful & disgraceful comments on here about the contestants on Alan Carr’s epic game show all being black.

The ITV quiz spectacular featured an all-black line-up of contestants on Saturday

The players took part in a rebooted version of the classic gameshow Strike It Lucky[/caption]

The programme sees three teams of two competing for cash and prizes

“No matter what colour, we are all people & have the right to a life without abuse.”

A third said: “What? Why are people complaining about a black family being on Alan Carr’s game show? Not everyone’s white in this world.

“Also, IT. IS. A. GAME. SHOW. Why should it even matter?”

Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow, fronted by the 44-year-old comedian, revives a classic gameshow each week with members of the public taking on the games.

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