Alan Titchmarsh: Gardening expert explains how to avoid your Christmas tree ‘desiccating’

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Gardening guru Alan Titchmarsh has revealed his top tips for making sure your Christmas tree remains looking fresh. The gardening expert often makes appearances on various TV shows. As well as sharing how to choose the right Christmas tree, Alan also knows how to maintain them.

“Put it in the stand with a reservoir,” Alan explained.

This will allow it to drink in water when it needs it.

He added: “If you saw a couple of inches off the base of the trunk, the tissue will be beautifully moist and it will instantly suck up the water.

“Rather like a large bunch if flowers.”

This includes radiators and open fires.

If you leave it too close to a heat source, it could get too hot which may impact how long it lasts for.

Alan lives in Hampshire where he has his own stunning garden.

He also has a home on the Isle of Wight, and is estimated to be worth around £7.4million, as of late 2017.

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