'Are you the woman who STOPPED Brexit?' Gina Miller put on spot over SCUPPER Brexit plot


Gina Miller succeeded in having the Supreme Court acknowledge MPs would have to pass legislation to allow Theresa May to serve the European Union with a withdrawal notice in March 2017. On what was supposed to be Brexit day, Sky News’ Adam Boulton asked the People’s Vote campaigner: “Do you feel like you’re the woman who stopped Brexit today?” In response, the Remainer businesswoman said: “No, I don’t think anybody should feel happy about anything that is happening today.

“It’s actually a disgrace where we are. We have a Prime Minister who is bringing back a deal that is basically a wrecking agreement rather than anything else.

“Listening to MPs today who are trying to force and find words to back this deal when they know how disastrous it is – the fact is it is not what the 585 pages say – it is what it doesn’t say.

“It is a no deal for 85 percent of our economy. It doesn’t cover services. It doesn’t cover so much.

“We have gone to a very different place in the last week or so because so many people believe it is my fault that we are not leaving today.

“So, it is difficult but what is really important is all of us have to be responsible now and speak up for our future and that’s what I’m prepared to do.”

Ms Miller said if Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement is defeated once again then the priority is to take no deal off the table.

She added: “It’s to do a draft bill and then pass that through Parliament that takes no deal off.

“And then I presume the Conservative Party will have to decide what happens within its own ranks as to its leadership.

“But whatever happens I think we will end up going for a longer extension.”

MPs are set to vote on part of the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal on Friday but chances the deal will pass are slim with the DUP, which props up Mrs May’s Government, set to vote it down.

Mrs May split the legally binding treaty segment of her Brexit deal from the declaration on future relations with the EU in order to ensure MPs could vote on it today.

The Prime Minister’s decision to present just the withdrawal agreement to the Commons means it is now the third attempt to pass a “meaningful vote” on the Government’s Brexit deal and complies with rules laid down by Commons Speaker John Bercow.

Under the terms of an agreement with Brussels, if passed by MPs on Friday the vote would qualify the UK to be granted an automatic delay to May 22 of the formal date of Brexit.


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