Artist sculpts incredible replicas including Da Vinci’s Last Supper… out of PASTA

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HERE’S art which should be to most people’s taste — as it’s all made of pasta.

Russian Serghei Pakhomoff, 51, sculpts buildings, people and scenes with the carb, including The Last Supper.

Caters News Agency

Serghei Pakhomoff has created an incredible replica of The Last Supper out of pasta [/caption]

Caters News Agency

The Russian artist has even made a pasta replica of AC-DC[/caption]

They each take between two hours and one month to make.

Sarghei said: “I began from all kinds of ideas like cars, motorcycles, planes, helicopters, sail boats, bicycles and windmills.

“Then I’ve tried to create cartoon copies of people, animals, and replicas of the world-famous sculptures and monuments.

Caters News Agency

The talented craftsman has also created a coronavirus-themed sculpture[/caption]

Caters News Agency

Serghei has created this intricate oilrig out of the carb[/caption]

Caters News Agency

This pasta gun is another of his many creations [/caption]


Serghei has created Da Vinci’s world-famous painting out of pasta[/caption]

“One of my favourite pasta projects is the scale copy of the Honolulu House, I spent one month making it.

“The more simple designs take a couple of hours, but the complex designs can take up to a month.”

Caters News Agency

One of Serghei’s personal favourites is this scale copy of the Honolulu House[/caption]

Caters News Agency

His projects take between two hours and one month to make[/caption]

Caters News Agency

This model pays tribute to metal band Judas Priest[/caption]

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