ASDA is selling smart TVs at a ludicrously low price and the deal starts today

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If you fancy treating yourself to cheap new television for Christmas then a trip to ASDA might be in order. The supermarket chain is now selling a Polaroid smart TV for just £159. That’s pretty cheap and is actually one of the lowest ever prices for these internet-connected goggle boxes.

This television includes full access to online content such as Netflix and there’s Freeview Play integration which means as well as BBC, ITV and Channel 4 you can also tune into channels such as Dave, Sky Arts and Really without paying a monthly subscription fee.

Now before you get in the car and rush to your local store there are some things to be aware of. Firstly, this offer doesn’t start until Christmas Eve so you’ll need to wait until today for the discount.

Then there’s the screen size as the offer is for a 32” display which some may find too small for their needs. Finally, this is not a 4K TV with owners only treated to 1080p HD quality.

If none that of that bothers you then you may struggle to find anything else quite as cheap as ASDA’s offer which is available in store only.

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