Ashley Cain’s partner Safiyya overwhelmed as baby Azaylia is honoured by Pride of Britain after her death

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ASHLEY Cain’s girlfriend Safiyya has been left overwhelmed after their late baby daughter Azaylia was honoured by Pride of Britain after her tragic death.

The heartbroken mum found comfort in the sweet tribute from the annual award ceremony, which honours Brits who have “acted bravely or extraordinarily in challenging situations”.

Safiyya was overwhelmed by baby Azaylia being honoured this evening

The official Instagram account for the event shared a special tribute celebrating “Pride of Birmingham” this evening, which featured Azaylia.

In the brief video, the eight-month-old little girl’s picture flashed on screen alongside a message that read: “Dedicated with love to all those bravely fighting their own battles.

“You are all heroes.”

Emotional Safiyya commented on the post: “Amazing 🧡🧡🧡 Azaylia you are my hero, and to all those who are battling a journey be brave, stay strong 🧡🧡🧡

Pride of Britain paid touching tribute
They called the little fighter a ‘hero’
Safiyya shared her pride for her daughter

She shared the clip to her own Instagram page, adding: “Azaylia, I am forever proud of you and the awareness you have made.

“Pride of Britain, you truly deserve this”.

Brave fighter Azaylia tragically passed away last month following a battle with leukaemia.


Azaylia tragically passed away last month[/caption]


Her devastated parents have been openly sharing their grief[/caption]

Her devoted parents have been open about their grief, with 30-year-old Ashley admitting he “finds peace” in the sky after he and Safiyya spotted their daughter’s face, angels, and even Azaylia’s initial in the clouds after her death.

Both Ashley and Safiyya have also vowed to honour Azaylia and keep her memory alive by helping others in her position, channeling the little girl’s bravery and courage at this unbearably difficult time.

At the beginning of April, the parents revealed that doctors had told them they could no longer treat Azaylia’s leukaemia, which she was diagnosed with at just eight weeks old.


Azaylia was just eight months old when she passed away last month[/caption]


Her mum and dad have found solace in signs from the clouds[/caption]

The family had just raised over £1million for her to get specialist treatment in Singapore when they were delivered the heartbreaking news, with medics finding tumours throughout her body – including on her brain.

In the weeks that followed, Azaylia needed several blood transfusions as she started to cry blood, and suffer nosebleeds – with purple bruises also appearing on her body as her illness meant that her blood could not clot.

She stopped breathing several times and began to suffer seizures in her final days, with Safiyya and Ashley providing their daughter round-the-clock care alongside their close family members.

Azaylia passed away at home on 24 April, with Ashley and Safiyya both paying emotional tribute as they broke the news on social media the following day.

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Ashley Cain’s partner Safiyya overwhelmed as baby Azaylia is honoured by Pride of Britain after her death

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