Audience erupts as Brexiteer brutally dismantles Labour peer's argument on fierce BBC QT


Lord Falconer got involved in a heated debate with an audience member who said Prime Minister Boris Johnson only suspended Parliament to get the UK a good deal. The audience member said: “That first response there is exactly what the problem has been for the last three years with this democracy and this Government.

“We have had Theresa May trying to get a deal and trying to deliver Brexit.

“MPs wouldn’t give her a chance.

“Boris Johnson comes in and the media and MPs haven’t given him one glimmer of hope or support.

“No wonder he has suspended Parliament to try and get us a good deal and actually do what the people voted for.”

The audience erupted into applause for the Brexiteer’s valid point.

Lord Falconer responded and said he is frightened of a view that the Prime Minister can just shut down Parliament because they don’t agree with him.

He responded: “As you discovered there, there is a lot of support for that.

“I am really frightened of a view that says the Prime Minister can just shutdown Parliament because Parliament doesn’t agree with the Prime Minister.

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“I am really worried about what you said.

“And I’m really worried that the audience seems to be much more behind you then they are behind me.”

Before the Brexiteer could continue the argument, the host Fiona Bruce interrupted and moved on to more audience questions.

Although Lord Falconer tried to shutdown the Brexiteer, he later thoroughly savaged Lib Dem deputy leader Ed Davey’s Brexit policy which is to revoke Article 50.

He said: “I worry that it is quite dangerous because in effect what it involves saying is ‘we want to revoke the decision to leave’ when 17.6 million people have voted to leave.

“It shows such contempt not just for the public but contempt for democracy and it makes me really worried about the Liberal Democrats.

“It is completely of a piece.

“So the Liberal Democrats laughingly so-called ditch democracy, in the hope of getting percentage points in their opinion poll rating, and now very large numbers of people in politics are perfectly happy to ditch parliamentary democracy just to get Brexit.

“You will pay a terrible price if you are willing to just ditch Parliament in order to get a particular policy end.

“Imagine if you were a Leaver and it was a completely Remainer Parliament or a Remainer Prime Minister, and he just decided to close Parliament down in order to prevent leaving.

“It would be regarded as absolutely monstrous.”


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