'Beating Trump would be SO easy' – Donald Trump MOCKED ahead of 2020 Presidential Election


In a spoof on “Saturday Night Live” Trump was once again impersonated by host Alec Baldwin who has previously poked fun at the president. In the sketch on Monday, the actor joked at the possibility of running for the presidency. Following the sketch, the actor took to Twitter to continue the gag and gauge the amount of support he would receive.

In a lighthearted tweet, he said: “If I ran for President, would you vote for me?

“I won’t ask you for any money. And I promise I will win.

“Beating Trump would be so easy. So easy. So easy.”

The actor and the President have been at odds following Mr Baldwin’s initial portrayal of Trump in October 2016.

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Earlier this year, Trump hit back at the actor as he attacked Mr Baldwin’s portrayal of him.

Trump labelled the impersonation as a “political hit job” that got away “without retribution”.

Mr Baldwin’s latest impersonation of Trump comes following the release of the much anticipated Mueller report.

Although widely expected to incriminate the President, the report stated that it did not clearly find any collusion between Trump and Russia in the 2016 US Presidential campaign.

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A redacted version of the report was expected to be released this week but it was stalled after Attorney General William Barr fell ill.

Speaking on the initial release of the report, Trump announced that it “could not have been better”.

After months of speculation surrounding the report, Trump also added the report “was great” while his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani also remained confident.

Mr Giuliani not only insisted that there was“nothing” in the report but also that it should be brought before Congress.


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