Becky Lynch hits back at WWE legend Mark Henry for calling her arrogant


Lynch adopted a more outspoken and explosive gimmick last year when she felt like she was being underestimated by management.

The Man then took WWE by storm as she picked up some impressive victories over Charlotte Flair and got embroiled in a heated rivalry with UFC Hall of Famer Ronda Rousey which led to the first ever all-women’s WrestleMania main event.

Henry feels like The Irish Lass Kicker has gone from being the exciting underdog that everyone wanted to see getting her just rewards to an arrogant wrestler trying to emulate The Rock – a character he believes suits the likes of Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn better.

The World’s Strongest Man said on Busted Open Radio: “Let’s go back to the Becky that was the underdog, that didn’t get an opportunity, that worked her whole life and then somewhere along the lines they go to where The Rock used to talk about himself in the third person.

“Don’t do that. That arrogance thing is not for her, that’s for Baron Corbin, that’s for Sami Zayn.

“If you want to be over then don’t be an a*****e. Be the person that’s like, ‘Look, I’m fighting for the fans. I never had anybody stand up for me.’

“That’s what I want her to be, ‘Nobody ever stood up for me. I had to do it myself.’

“That’s what I want out of Becky. That’s the way it was.”

Lynch strongly disagrees with Henry’s statement and insists she is not arrogant because she backed up everything she said she would do.

The three-time women’s champion took to Twitter where she shared a picture of her with the title belt sitting on the Game of Thrones’ iron throne and telling her critics to ‘live with it’.

The RAW Women’s Champion tweeted: “A woman who told the world she was coming after the posters, the titles, the billboards and the headlines, and then DOES IT is “arrogant” now?

“I said it, I did it, and I backed it all up. Live with it.”

Henry received a lot of criticism but he strongly defended his statement on Twitter.

The two-time world champion added that he will never “take advice from social media trolls”.

Henry tweeted: ”I said my truth as a fan and analyst.

“I like to feel for my good guys and women.

“When they say what the bad guys and girls say it comes across as over confidence.

“Which in the real world makes you heel. I never said she was not over, period.

“I said the opposite, Jim Cornette, Danny Davis, Rip Rodgers, Tom Pritchard, Arn Anderson, Pat Patterson and many other Master psychologists have taught me to put the heel over and over come their dominance by surviving and out wrestle them.

“Continuing thusly winning the crowd getting respect for persevering an doing it fair.

“That makes you the good guy or woman.

“I’ll take my lessons to the grave and will NEVER take advice from social media trolls.

“I am correct puppets. LOSE!”


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