Bethenny Frankel slammed for ‘abusing’ contestants on new show The Big Shot as RHONY alum ‘berates them’ on ‘ego trip’

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BETHENNY Frankel has been slammed for “abusing” contestants on her new HBO show, The Big Shot. 

Many viewers of the series have expressed their “disappointment” with the way the Real Housewives Of New York alum “berates” the contenders and even brings some to tears. 

Bethenny Frankel has been slammed for ‘abusing’ contestants on The Big Shot
Fans bashed the reality star for the way she treats the show contestants

The Big Shot features contestants competing for a coveted spot on Bethenny’s executive team as VP of operations for her Skinny Girl empire. 

Included amongst the group is a DJ, a health guru, a fashion designer and a stock market honcho – which many viewers deemed “unqualified” for such a high-up corporate position. 

Right from the beginning of the show, the reality star began yelling at the contenders for their lack of knowledge or experience – with fans saying she is making people out to “look like idiots.” 

In the very first episode, the entrepreneur was labeled “ruthless” as she fired half of the contestants vying to work for her. 

On Thursday’s new episode, she brought DJ Nicole Rose to tears during a heated conversation. 


The entrepreneur has yelled and cursed at the contestants[/caption]


She fired more than half of the contenders on the very first episode[/caption]


Some contestants on the show have broken down in tears while talking to Bethenny[/caption]

Bethenny accused Nicole of being “disruptive” and “waisting her time” for not doing well during a group challenge.

“Totally agree, I don’t want any drama and I want to be here,” Nicole told Bethenny as tears began to swell in her eyes. 

A displeased Bethenny then quipped back: “This is not about you! Why are you crying?” 

“I dropped everything to be here. I put everything on hold and I want this to work out between us,” Nicole responded as she wiped away her tears. 

Appearing to get more upset, Bethenny continued: “You think that’s a good idea to tell the person you want a job from that you dropped everything? 


The Skinny Girl founder is looking for her new VP of operations[/caption]


The Big Shot follows Bethenny’s hunt for a new VP of Operations[/caption]

“Do you think that makes me think you have good judgement? Do you think I would ever dream of saying to Martha Stewart ‘I dropped everything to be here?’ 

“Do you know that I would’ve died to be there. Now it’s your choice to say ‘I dropped everything to be here.’”

Bethenny then got up and walked away from Nicole – who seemed deflated – continued to cry as she said “I need a break.”

Fans were furious that the company boss is using her power to “abuse” those that work for her. 

One person said: “Bethenny why did you think making a reality game show where you abuse a group of potential new employees was a good idea in 2020? 

“Your ‘gut’ instinct was way off. @hbomax you’re guilty for buying that f**kery.”

“Who would really want to watch #Bethenny on her eternal power trip looking for idiots who want to work for her? Nope. Not even to hate on the whole thing,” another wrote.

A third said: “The way Bethany is so dismissive to people yet talks about being professional. The irony.”

“Disappointed in the new show from @Bethenny . Leadership is about conveying empathy while articulating clear expectations/visions. 

“This “job search” represents none of that and epitomizes everything about what’s wrong with supposed leadership,” a fourth fired off. 


The reality star left Real Housewives Of New York last year[/caption]


Before her departure, Bethenny was considered a Bravo favorite[/caption]

While many others accused the TV personality of “thriving” off of her “ego trip.” 

On the day of its premiere, fans slammed her after she claimed The Big Shotwill help the unemployment rate in the United States.

After sharing that she she’s excited about the show, the 50-year-old told her followers: “I think it’s an incredible show at a perfect time with this show for the unemployment rate and with what’s going on in the world and I’m excited.”

In response to the video, a number of fans took to Twitter to slam Bethenny as “out of touch” for making the claims.

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