Binman trapped in drain for three days is saved after driver spots his fingers poking out of manhole

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A BINMAN was stuck in a drain for three days and was only rescued when a learner driver noticed his fingers sticking out of it.

It was reported that the man had wandered off and walked into the drain on November 18, 2020, in China.

Yunnan TV

A binman was stuck in a drain for three days in China[/caption]

Yunnan TV

He was only rescued when a learner driver noticed his fingers sticking out of it[/caption]

The driver from New Luosiwan, Kunming in southwest China’s Yunnan province, said that they only realised he was down there when they heard noises coming from underground and then noticed his fingers.

Speaking to Yunnan TV, the driver said: “It’s like he was trying to send a distress signal.”

A driving instructor from the school further elaborated on what happened in an interview with Chinese media, reports the Daily Star.

He said: “The man said he was collecting waste and got lost on his way back.

“He walked along a canal and into the drain and couldn’t find his way out.

“Our premise is pretty big and it’s built above a drain. And it goes everywhere, I’m not surprised he got lost.”

Luckily for the man, the driving school alerted firefighters to his plight – and they took just thirty minutes to free him from the drain.

In a valiant effort, the firefighters used iron bars and a hammer to pry open the cement manhole cover.

They then pulled the topless man from the drain, who was then sent to hospital for a check up.

Li Haonan, a firefighter at Luosiwan Fire Brigade who took on the rescue mission described what they had to do to get him out safely.

He said: “We couldn’t use heavy machinery because it could injure the man, so our team of four, five members had to use a hammer to pry open the manhole, which is blocked by the cement around.

“We also gave water to the man to make sure he is hydrated before we could get him out of the drain.”

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