'BLINDFOLD BREXIT!' Labour REFUSES to vote for May's EU Withdrawal Deal – 'No way out!'


The Labour leader confirmed the party will vote against the Prime Minister’s withdrawal agreement tomorrow after the Speaker John Bercow cleared the motion for debate this evening. Mr Corbyn stated the party could not support an agreement which had “no way out” and insisted he would push for closer alignment to the EU involving a customs union. The Labour leader said: “There’s no way out of it once you have signed it and gone into it and we are not prepared to support the Prime Minister on this.

“We want to see a discussion about both the issues and, in particular, the crucial future arrangements and that is why we have proposed a customs union and access to markets and, crucially, protection of consumer, environmental and working rights.”

Mr Corbyn added on Monday MPs would have another chance to consider the issues, where Labour would put forward its position on an “economic relationship which also gives us those guarantees and does not lead us into the direction of turning this country into some kind of low-tax, offshore, deregulated economy, opening ourselves up to American trade arrangements”.



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