BMW issues new 'voluntary recall' for 16,000 3 Series models due to fire risk

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BMW says the issue is down to “frictional corrosion” on the connector which could cause damage to the “wing harness”. This would risk causing a “short circuit” which could lead to the risk of a vehicle fire.

BMW has warned the fire risk is still present when the “engine is switched off”.

All models affected by the recall were produced between July 2004 and July 2011.

BMW said: “A safety issue has been identified with the affected vehicles where the vehicles concerned may, as time goes by, be affected by a contact fault due to frictional corrosion on the connector from the wiring harness to the blower control unit.

“Over time, this may cause damage to the insulation of the wiring harness, which could trigger a short circuit.

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It is expected all repairs will be offered to drivers free of charge.

A statement said: “BMW Automotive (Ireland) Limited will directly contact all affected customers by post advising them to make an appointment with their local Authorised Repairer where any necessary repairs/replacements of parts will be carried out.”

BMW said any driver who believes their vehicle may be impaired by the recall can contact their customer care team for further information.

BMW UK said the latest story relates to a historic and widely reporter blower regulator recall which beagn back in 2018. 

The recall has only been updated as this contunues across parts of the European Union. 

A spokesperson said: “There are no changes for customers in the UK. BMW has written to these customers at numerous points since the recall was launched in 2018 and over 60 percent of 3 Series vehicles affected in the UK have had the corrective fix applied.

“It affects 19 individual vehicles sold in the US and Canada.

“No vehicles in the UK or other worldwide markets are affected.

“The 19 customers in the US and Canada will be written to directly so that their vehicle’s fuel tanks can be replaced.”


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