Brexit LIVE: Brave Jersey fishermen head back to sea after French fishing blockade

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In a blatant violation of the Brexit deal, local leaders in La Manche said the fishermen cannot use the ports in Granville, Barneville-Carteret and Diélette until further notice. But the news hasn’t stopped brave fishermen on the Crown Dependency from heading out today to reel in a catch.

It comes just days after a flotilla of French fishing vessels blockaded the port of St Helier in Jersey in the row – which they claim is making them go bankrupt.

Boris Johnson promptly sent them packing when he dispatched two Royal Navy warships – but the row hasn’t gone and the attempt to hurt Jersey’s fishing industry is the latest tactic.

Don Thompson, who chairs the Jersey Fishermen’s Association, told the Daily Telegraph: “The real hardship genuinely is on this side and I’m seeing my colleagues going out of business – fishermen who have done nothing else all their life, made a commitment to the industry since they were very young, having to sell their boats and walk away from the industry.”

Leon Dessoude, a fisherman in Jersey for 15 years, also told the paper: “It’s got to be access for access. If you have issues, you must be able to talk about it.

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“We really don’t believe it’s a problem of our making, but you need to make sure member states are allowing access to the market appropriately.”

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