Brexiteers OUTRAGED after EU says talks could extend into 2021: 'Get out of our waters!'

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Furious Britons flocked to social media to warn Boris Johnson not to cave into the Europeans’ demands, telling him: “Get them out of our waters, stop giving in to them.” Michel Barnier said Britain’s proposals on fishing quotas were “unacceptable” as an EU diplomat said the bloc “remains ready to negotiate even beyond January 1”.

One person said given the amount of Brexit delays and missed deadlines, the UK would appear “needy and desperate” if it extended the negotiations to suit the EU.

They wrote: “We are starting to look like a very needy and desperate country.

“Boris, you are making us look foolish and weak, which your people are not.” 

And another social media user said the Prime Minister should send a clear message to Brussels that “Europe does not dictate what the British people want – the British people decide.”

Yet a third rejected outright any extension to the talks

brexit news uk

Boris Johnson has been warned against extending trade talks after the EU’s suggestion (Image: GETTY/PA)

brexit news uk

Brexit supporters have warned Boris Johnson not to extend trade talks into 2021 (Image: GETTY)

They wrote: “No more extensions Boris, you are looking like the weakest link.

“No deal now and full sovereignty, get them out of our waters, stop giving in to them.

“We do not want a weakest link Prime Minister, you will be the laughing stock of the world. Get out today.”

Another person said the latest comments from Eurocrats suggest they have still not grasped the mood of the British public, four-and-a-half years after they voted to break ties with the bloc.

They said the EU side has had months to reach a free trade deal with the UK but was too “arrogant” to compromise on key issues.

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brexit news uk

Boris Johnson was told he would look like ‘the weakest link’ if he extended trade talks (Image: GETTY)

Shutting down calls for an extension, they said: “No, no, no. You had your chance, you blew it with demands and being arrogant.

“What you don’t understand is no one wants anything to do with you.”

One woman said Mr Johnson should know by now that no matter how much time Brussels is given, they will never agree a deal which respects the UK’s right to be a sovereign nation.

She said: “We’ve had four years of this- enough is enough.

“End it now, it’s pointless to carry on.

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brexit news uk

Michel Barnier has said talks have reached a ‘crucial moment’ (Image: GETTY)

brexit news uk

Lord Frost remains in Brussels negotiating with the EU (Image: GETTY)

“They will never do a deal that respects our sovereignty and gives us control over our waters.”

However, one man said he was open to the idea of trade talks taking place in January – but not as part of an extension.

He said if the meetings fail to deliver a breakthrough between Mr Barnier and the UK’s Brexit envoy Lord Frost, Britain should head for a no deal exit.

But the Brexit supporter suggested that if the EU had a change of heart in the new year, they could restart a new round of discussions.

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He wrote: “Finish the talks. If they want to come back in January the ball is in their court.

“Obviously out of our waters completely on January 1.”

On Tuesday Brussels’ chief negotiator said talks had reached a “crucial moment” ahead of a meeting of the EU27 ambassadors.

On Wednesday a European Commission source said the talks were in the final stages.

brexit news uk

Lord Frost pictured in Brussels (Image: GETTY)

Earlier, an EU diplomat said: “Progress has been made. Most issues are preliminarily closed or close to being agreed. However, differences on fisheries remain difficult to bridge.

Unfortunately, the UK is not moving enough yet to clinch a fair deal on fisheries.

“EU negotiators are in a last push now to make progress and to clinch a deal acceptable for both sides.

“The EU will not close its door to the UK and remains ready to negotiate even beyond January 1.”

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