‘Bride’ boasts about finding dream wedding dress for £14 in a charity shop – but it turns out she’s not even engaged yet

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A ‘BRIDE’ has been caught out after boasting about snapping up her dream wedding dress for £14  – only for it to turn out she’s not actually engaged.

Taking to Facebook the anonymous woman shared a snap of her bargain gown leading people to congratulate her on her upcoming nuptials.


The ‘bride’ shared a snap of the dress that she had picked up in a charity shop[/caption]

Eventually the woman had to admit that she was in fact not engaged, resulting in a few raised eyebrows.

Captioning the snap of her dress, the woman wrote: “Found my future wedding dress today.

“Fell in love with this dress and I couldn’t pass it up, it was $20 (£14) from REDACTED.”

She later edited her post to add: “Thank you for the congratulations! I’m not actually getting married yet but you know… someday!” 


Many were quick to congratulate the woman on her wedding[/caption]

Her post was then shared on the group That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming, joking that her boyfriend should “run for the hills.”

Fellow group members were equally baffled, sharing their outrage in the comments.

One wrote: “Why do people buy wedding dresses when there ain’t no wedding?”

“To buy a dress without having a wedding planned (or a man for all we know) is odd”, agreed another.


However, she later revealed that she wasn’t actually engaged[/caption]

A third attested: “Lady, you’re terrifying!”

The Facebook group is the largest of the wedding shaming variety boasting over 54,000 members worldwide.

You can critique dresses, decorations and of course, dramatic brides who are kindly dubbed “bridezillas”.

There’s even categories for your posts where you can file your rant under popular tags such as “cringe”, “tacky family” and “f***ing yikes”.

In other wedding news, this bride publicly shamed her friend’s £2.50 wedding present, calling it a “slap in the face.”

And this bride-to-be was slammed for taking out her phone to upload a photo of her engagement ring BEFORE saying yes.

Plus wedding shamers blasted bride for wearing a dress she can’t ‘walk, sit or dance in’.

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