Bride’s best friend MAKES her dream wedding dress in just 24 hours after she announces she’s marrying the next day

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A bride jumps for joy after her best friend creates her dream wedding dress for her wedding in less than 24 hours.

TikTok creator, Phi Ý Nhi, from Vietnam, creates easy DIY fashion and sewing videos for her followers, and this time she surprised her best friend after she said she didn’t have a wedding dress.


Nhi made the dress from scratch, using homemade patterns[/caption]

The video starts with Nhi showing the dress she intends to make, copying the design from Pinterest.

The text on the screen and narration says: “My bf (best friend) said she will go to courthouse to get married tomorrow and said that she doesn’t have a dress to wear.”

Nhi lays out a roll of white silk, and places fabric scissors and homemade patterns on top showing each individual component.

The narration says: “And I tried to make this, a wedding dress to surprise her.”


Whilst she has made DIY clothes before, she has never done a wedding dress[/caption]


Nhi shares a sad story that after her best friend’s wedding she will be moving away[/caption]

Nhi informs the viewers that: “I have never made a wedding dress before, I’m so nervous.”

As the dress comes together piece by piece, it starts to look likely an elegant wedding gown.

She tells the viewers a sad tale as her friend “will move 466.028 miles away from me after marrying, I’m so sad.”

This just makes her creation even more special for her best friend.

The video shows the dress starting to take shape as different sections come together on a mannequin.

Nhi says: “We were roommates for three years and she deserves to look beautiful and happy on her wedding day.”

Nhi also uploaded a video showing her best friend’s reaction to surprise.


Nhi’s friend jumps for joy when she sees her surprise wedding dress[/caption]

The friend, who isn’t named, starts beaming and jumping for joy as Nhi reveals the gorgeous silk gown to her as she’s getting ready.

The rest of the video shows little snippets of the day, giving an inside peek to her best friend’s wedding.

The happy couple can be seen posing in various locations, including in a bright field and over a jetty over a breezy lake.


Nhi’s friend shows off the gorgeous lace-up back[/caption]


The happy couple celebrating after their wedding[/caption]

The first video has been seen over 2.4 million times and racked up over 280,000 likes, as the reaction video received nearly 920,000 views and 192,500 likes.

Viewers in the comments were signing Nhi’s praise, saying that she was a great friend.

One said: “The fact that you made her a WEDDING DRESS is making me cry rn (right now)… I literally wouldn’t know how to react if someone did this for me.”

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