Bring on Jan 1! Grant Shapps declares UK ready for no deal Brexit – Kent is now prepared

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The Tory Minister said preparations made for a no deal Brexit wee successfully rolled out over the weekend to help lorries heading to the continent cope with the chaos feared from extra restrictions in place due to the new coronavirus strain.

He said the success of the emergency preparations was proof Britain would cope without a trade deal with the EU after December 31.

Mr Shapps said: “Some of the reasons why we’ve not seen big problems in Kent today is because of the transition period work that’s been going on for very many months, and years even.”

He added: “To a large extent it has shown, we are ready.”

Outlining the success of the UK’s preparations, the Prime Minister added the Government had successfully driven down the size of lorry queues on the motorway through today.

Pictures emerged yesterday and this moring of miles of tailbacks on the M20 as lorries queued up to cross the border on the ferry at Dover.

Mr Johnson said: “The Government has been preparing for a long time for this exact kind of event.

“So working with the Kent Resilience Forum, Kent County Council and Highways England, we’ve activated our long-prepared plans, with the result that we have already been able to reduce the number of lorries waiting on the M20 from 500 to 170.

“The site at Manston Airfield is ready to cope with any overflow.”

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