Businesses could face an extra £15,000 in 'additional charges' due to ULEZ expansion

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However, van rental experts at Enterprise have warned thousands of drivers may still be travelling with vehicles which do not meet emissions standards. They estimate as many as 35,000 vans and 3,000 trucks may not meet the new Euro 6 standard and could be hit with fees when the new charge is introduced.

He said: “The expansion of the ULEZ is a vital step in improving air quality in London and an important reminder that reducing the number of older vehicles can significantly decrease CO2 emissions.

“We estimate that a lot of companies that still own older vans and trucks and operate them in and around Greater London will be caught and end up paying fines and additional charges.

“Businesses need to plan now to ensure they have access to Euro 6-compliant rental vehicles, as demand for HGVs and vans has increased through the pandemic.

“We are working closely with manufacturers and the supply chain to ensure we can provide a fleet of low-emission Euro 6 commercial vehicles to enable businesses operating in the area to be compliant with the expanded ULEZ.

The new standard was only required on new vehicles which were registered from September 2016.

The expansion hopes to create a single larger ULEZ zone between the North and South Circular Roads.

This means journeys into areas such as Walthamstow and Peckham will now see drivers issued with charges.

The Mayor’s Press Office and Labour London have been contacted for further comment.

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