Can we travel to France for Christmas?

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On October 30, 545 cases were reported and the rate started to get higher and higher.

On November 20, there were a staggering 1,220 cases reported.

Putting the nation into lockdown seems to have improved the situation, and French President Emmanuel Macron announced a three-step plan to end the lockdown.

The lockdown rules in France will be lifted slightly on November 28, so if you did travel to France you may feel a little freer after this.

On this date, non-essential shops can reopen until 9pm, and people will be allowed to exercise for up to three hours a day and go up to 20km away from their homes instead of 1km.

However, people must still work from home where possible and trips outside the home should only be made when essential.

Anyone in France will need an attestation on them when they leave their homes, so you’d still essentially be house-bound.

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