Cancer-stricken Rush Limbaugh gives emotional Christmas message saying ‘thank you’ to fans and family

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CONSERVATIVE radio personality Rush Limbaugh gave a heartfelt Christmas message to his fans and family, thanking them for listening in 2020 as he battles cancer. 

Speaking from his EIB Network studio on Wednesday, Limbaugh, 69, showed appreciation for all his supporters have done and meant to him.


Conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh thanked his fans and family in a Christmas message[/caption]

To soft background music, Limbaugh said: “I hope you all have a great Christmas, a great new year.

“I hope that the things that are in store for all of us in the coming year are certainly better than what we have endured in 2020,” he continued. 

“I don’t know too many people who have enjoyed 2020—probably some sickos out there who have—but 2021 has to be better.”

Limbaugh said he and his network, which stands for Excellence In Broadcasting, will try to make 2021 better than this tumultuous year. 

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Rush Limbaugh thanked his family, which includes his wife Kathryn Rogers[/caption]


A fan of Rush Limbaugh said she was moved by his Christmas message[/caption]

“Again, folks thank you so much,” Limbaugh concluded. 

“You are just the best. My family is just the best. Thank you.”

Some of Limbaugh’s fans expressed remorse that the political commentator’s days on the air could be limited. 

“Failing to hold back tears now that Rush may have just done his last show,” tweeted GOP operative Matt Braynard.


GOP operative Matt Braynard asked Rush Limbaugh’s fans to pray for him[/caption]

Rush Limbaugh said ‘2021 has to be better’ than 2020

This year was a difficult one for the conservative radio icon. 

In February, Limbaugh announced on his show that he had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.  

“From the moment you get the diagnosis, there’s a part of you every day, OK, that’s it, life’s over, you just don’t know when,” he said at the time.

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Rush Limbaugh received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Donald Trump in early 2020[/caption]

“So, during the period of time after the diagnosis, you do what you can to prolong life, do what you can to prolong a happy life.”

Limbaugh said living with the terminal illness involved measuring “a happy life against whatever medication it takes.” 

He has missed several shows while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. 

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Rush Limbaugh has taken days off his show while undergoing cancer treatments[/caption]

In October, Limbaugh compared his cancer diagnosis to a “death sentence” and said he prays every night that he will wake up the next day. 

He said his latest scans were “not dramatic” but still showed “some progression” of the cancer. 

Earlier this month, Limbaugh told his listeners that “every day remains a gift” and that he is “blessed to be alive.”

He said that he would need to take more days off of his show in the future due to medical challenges.

“But the fact that I’m able to get back here and be with you is a genuine blessing, and I appreciate it and appreciate your understanding throughout all of this,” he said. 

Limbaugh received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Donald Trump shortly after disclosing his diagnosis. 

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