Candace Owens rips Black Lives Matter and Antifa ‘foot soldiers’ for ‘going after innocent’ Americans

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CANDACE Owens has ripped Black Lives Matter and Antifa “foot soldiers” after “going after innocent” Americans.

The controversial right-wing commentator claimed that the organization were focusing on “innocent small business owners,” but should divert their attention elsewhere.

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Owens has ripped Black Lives Matter and Antifa[/caption]


She published the tweet on Tuesday[/caption]

Owens wrote: “Hey ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter— maybe instead of sending your foot soldiers to go after innocent small business owners, you may want to divert some attention to the @smithsonian and @kencen who just robbed ALL Americans of over 1 billion dollars of Covid relief.”

The Republican author is referencing the fact the new relief package includes provisions to create Smithsonian museums dedicated to American women and Latinx history.

The CARES Act, that was passed in March, also provided $25million for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

This week, Republicans and Democrats agreed on a $908billion package.

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She claimed the organizations were ‘going after innocent small business owners’[/caption]

However, members of both parties have been up in arms as the aid will only provide $600 stimulus checks for Americnas.

In a speech last night, President Trump called the bill “wasteful”, saying it should include a round of $2,000 direct payments and challenging Congress to remove “unnecessary” funding in the bill.

He demanded Congress return to the drawing board and offer Americans more than triple relief payments than the “ridiculously low $600.”

Owens has frequently questioned where portions of the relief bill are going, taking direct aim at Smithsonian and the Kennedy Center.

“Who the hell is sitting on the board at the Smithsonian and the Kennedy Center?” she tweeted on Monday.

“In each Coronavirus stimulus package, millions and now more than a billion dollars is being rerouted to them, while Americans suffer.

“There is obvious corruption going on.”

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