Candace Owens says Facebook & Twitter are ‘fascist’ and users ‘should migrate’ to Parler & Trump’s new social platform

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CANDACE Owens has branded Facebook and Twitter “fascist” sites – and thinks people need to migrate to Parler and Donald Trump’s new social media platform instead.

The conservative commentator shared this belief with her 2.6million Twitter followers on Wednesday.

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Candace Owens thinks Parler and From the Desk are viable alternatives to Facebook and Twitter.[/caption]


Candace Owens says that Tiwtter and Facebook are “Fascist” companies.[/caption]

When MSNBC commentator Joy Reid pushed back against Owens’ suggestion – saying “Parler is where right wingers go when they get too extreme for Twitter or Facebook” – Owens doubled down on her support of the platforms.

“Parler is where people go when you fascists pretend that Trump tweeted anything remotely near “inciting violence,” she said.

“If you do not want conservative voices on your platforms— stop complaining when we create our own. It doesn’t work both ways.”

But the founder of the Blexit Foundation wasn’t exactly met with unanimous support for her pro-Parler sentiments.


Will Trump run for president in 2024? His recent interview with Candace Owens seems to suggest so.[/caption]

Some told Owens she was using the word “fascist” incorrectly – which the dictionary defines as a political ideology that there is strength in unity, with a concentration on “nationalism and complete state control of the society” – and pointed out the irony of her claims of Twitter fascism while posting on Twitter itself.

Some Twitter users told Owens that Parler had a history of data mining and not keeping private information secure.

Still others pointed out that social media, in general, brought out the worst in people.


Some of Candace Owens’ supporters think they should stay on Facebook and Twitter to provide “balanced” voices.[/caption]


Parler is a controversial social media app that is making a comeback.[/caption]

Not much is known about From The Desk, Trump’s new social platform, but it’s believed that this new social platform is being designed in response to Trump’s deplatforming on Facebook and Twitter, and strengthened by the former’s recent decision to uphold their ban.

Through the new site, Trump said has promised to “talk directly to his followers.”

And in a recent interview with Candace Owens, Trump all but promised a return to politics in 2024.

“As you know, it’s very early. But I think people are going to be very, very happy when I make a certain announcement,” he said.

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