Candace Owens wins challenge against ‘communist’ Facebook fact-checker Politifact over Biden post false rating

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CANDACE Owens has won a challenge against PolitiFact after the fact-checking website labeled a video she posted as “false” and caused it to be “censored” on Facebook.

The conservative commentator posted a video on November 12, which she captioned: “Joe Biden is literally and legally not the President-elect. So why is the media pretending he is?”

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Candace Owens challenged PolitiFact and won after the fact-checkers labeled a Facebook video she posted as ‘false’[/caption]

Twitter / @RealCandaceO

Owens went on to slam PolitiFact for ‘lying’[/caption]

Twitter / @RealCandaceO

Owens had posted a video which she captioned ‘Joe Biden is literally and legally not the President-elect’[/caption]

PolitiFact works with Facebook to stop the spread of misinformation.

It slammed Owens‘ video with the negative rating, which caused Facebook to then alert users that the content was false.

The pro-Trump pundit took to Twitter on Saturday to celebrate her win, accusing the fact-checking nonprofit of “lying for Democrats.”

“Weeks ago, @Facebook censored a post of mine which truthfully stated that @JoeBiden is NOT the President-elect,” she wrote.

“So I got lawyers involved. Conclusion? @PolitiFact uncensored the post & admitted that they LIED by rating my post false.

“The fact-checkers are lying for Democrats.”

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Biden does not officially become the President-elect until all states have officially certified election results and the Electoral College casts its votes[/caption]

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Owens told The Daily Wire that a PolitiFact lawyer said the video was obstructed and labeled false ‘in error’[/caption]

Owens – who is eight months pregnant – went on to claim she is “taking every measure to fight these communists in the courtroom.”

“It is my goal to expose these lying ‘fact-checkers’ one by one. @JoeBiden is NOT the President-elect,” she added.

PolitiFact has since removed the rating and retracted the article explaining why Owens’ video was rated as false.

They also added a correction admitting fault for the “error.”

“Correction: PolitiFact originally labeled this video false in our capacity as a third-party fact-checker for Facebook,” the company wrote in a post.

“On Nov. 20, an appeal to that decision was made on behalf of Ms. Owens. PolitiFact approved the appeal on Nov. 20, determined that a correction was appropriate, and removed the false rating.”

Owens is set to launch a show with conservative outlet The Daily Wire next year.

She told the outlet she reached out with legal representation to PolitiFact on November 20 and immediately heard back.

Lawyers for PolitiFact allegedly responded to Owens with a statement that the video was obstructed and labeled false from PolitiFact “in error.”

“Upon first glance, this video from Ms. Owens was labeled false from PolitiFact in error,” the lawyer said, according to Owens.

“We already have removed the label from the video and you should now be able to see it unobstructed.”

Conservative commentator, Candace Owens, said she reached out to Politifact on November 20
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The race was called for Biden on November 7 but Trump has yet to concede
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The lawyer continued: “As we’re about 25 minutes into this, we still don’t know how or why the post was labeled ‘false.’ We are investigating and hope to share more information with you formally on Monday.”

Other conservatives also celebrated Owens’ win including Benny Johnson, host of the Newsmax show The Benny Report.

“What else are these “Fact Checkers” actually wrong about? Why do they get the unchecked power to selectively Censor posts?” Johnson tweeted.

Biden has been projected as the winner of the 2020 presidential election with more than 300 electoral votes.

He does not officially become the President-elect until all states have officially certified election results and the Electoral College casts its votes on December 14.

Donald Trump has continued to pursue various legal challenges to election results and alleged widespread “fraud.”

Most states – including Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania – have already certified their results, while Arizona and Wisconsin have yet to certify their results, per The New York Times.

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