Can't let it go! Remainers lash out at ‘damaging’ Brexit trade deal WITHOUT seeing it

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A historic post-Brexit trade deal is on the cusp of being delivered today more than four and a half years after the British people voted to leave the bloc. Brexit negotiators were up until the early hours of the morning going through more than 2,000 pages of legal texts with a fine toothcomb.

The Prime Minister held a conference call with his cabinet late on Wednesday night and is widely expected to conduct a press conference to announce the deal later today.

The new partnership between the UK and EU is estimated to cover goods and services to the tune of £670billion.

But, even before the finer details of the agreement has been published and read, anti-Brexit campaigners have condemned Britain for leaving the bloc and claimed the UK will be worse off economically.

Ardent Remainer Andrew Adonis has claimed a Brexit deal will reduce trade between the UK and EU and has accused Boris Johnson of trying to evade scrutiny.

In a series of post on Twitter, the member of the House of Lords also urged Labour to vote against the deal and launch a campaign for the UK to return to the EU customs union and single market.

He said: “Just told @NickFerrariLBC that this will inevitably be a Trade Reduction Treaty, because it takes us out of the European single market & customs union.

“The only question is how much damage it does, and the lack of democratic scrutiny of a 2,000 page treaty pushed through on the nod.”

He added: “I don’t think Labour should support a Trade Reduction Treaty.
“We should support re-entry to the European customs union & single market, to create more and better jobs not more poverty and unemployment.”

Fellow Remainer, Femi Oluwole warned a Tory Brexit deal will result in customs checks at the border and leave the UK exposed if it diverges from any agreement with the bloc.

The co-founder of the pro-European Union advocacy group Our Future Our Choice, added: “After 5 years of Brexit… Trade damaged automatically by customs paper work and differences in regulations.

“And under #Brexitdeal, the moment we change our laws in a way the EU doesn’t want us to, UK trade will be damaged more. And we did this for… sovereignty & prosperity?”

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In a post on Twitter, Tory backbench MP John Redwood said: “Any UK/EU Agreement must put us in full control of our laws, and needs an exit clause we can use without EU permission.”

Meanwhile, the influential European Research Group, made up of Tory MPs has said it will reconvene its so-called “star chamber” of legal experts to examine the text.

Parliament is expected to be recalled after Boxing Day to vote on a deal, which also needs the support of all 27 EU member states to be made into law.

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