Capricorn Monkey Monthly horoscope: What your Chinese and Western zodiac sign has in store for you

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CAPRICORN Monkeys are advised to take things slow the first two weeks of December but begin planning for 2021. In Western zodiac, those born in December or January are represented by the Capricorn sign.

In Chinese astrology, Monkeys are born in: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, and 2016.

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The Capricorn Monkey will have a restful month

Capricorn Monkey Traits

Arguably the most organized person in this or any other universe. 

They are multi-tasking royalty. They are happy, relentlessly positive, universally sensible charmer. 

They’re incredibly strong, have no issues with anything or anyone really. There’s no inner angst, no suppressed dark, hidden traits. 

Nah, what you see is absolutely what you get. And what you’re getting is a rock-solid, ordered perfectionist. 

The Western zodiac has 12 astrological signs

If the world was about to implode for any number of wayward reasons, and you needed someone to address the situation in a calm and practical fashion, this is your go to – yeah, they’d save us all. 

These Monkeys know how to play and they’re enormously sociable – but they ain’t reckless. They’ll always be on the right side of reckless, feckless decadence, they’ll always be in control, they aren’t control freaks, they just like to know that everything is “in order.” 

Were it not for their sunny, happy, ever-ready charm you’d think they were a tough-nut – er, she is. 

Monkeys are one of the most charming and brilliant signs of the Chinese zodiac

Ready smile aside, you really don’t want to get on the wrong side of this cutie. Oh yeah, money… they’re quietly obsessed (like virtually all Capricorns), they live for money and, luckily for them, they’re blessed with an inhuman work ethic. 

Some people never fail in life, they reach every last goal they set themselves. 

You’re lookin’ at one such cookie. Fab.

Types of Monkeys

Metal Monkey: Bright and good public speakers, jokers, not very popular but highly successful.

Earth Monkey: Cheerful and optimistic, are never afraid of difficulties, hardworking and easily able to enjoy things. 

Wood Monkey: Energetic but lack confidence, they help their friends but need encouragement, can be workaholics but are successful. 

The Sun

Earth Monkeys are optimistic and cheerful[/caption]

Fire Monkey: Dreamers and goal-oriented, adventurous, hot-tempered and steady achievers. 

Water Monkey: Love attention, they are natural-born leaders but are also highly arrogant and know-it-alls.

Love and compatibility

The Monkey is most compatible with the Rat and Dragon. 

The Rat, Dragon, and Monkey are all considered intelligent and competitive animals. 

They are goal oriented and quick to their feet. 

Rats, Dragons, and Monkeys are a good combination when working together as they all possess courage and are cunning.

The Sun

Rats and Dragons are not compatible with the Monkey[/caption]

However, The Monkey is least compatible with the Tiger and Pig.

The Tiger is too focused on itself to care about the Monkey’s needs, which can sometimes come off as selfish and rude to the Monkey. 

The Pig struggles to communicate properly with the Monkey and that can create misunderstandings.

These signs uphold different values and will not see eye-to-eye. 

The 12 star signs

  • Aries ♈
  • Taurus ♉
  • Gemini ♊
  • Cancer ♋
  • Leo ♌
  • Virgo ♍
  • Libra ♎
  • Scorpio ♏
  • Sagittarius ♐
  • Capricorn ♑
  • Aquarius ♒
  • Pisces ♓

Lucky Numbers

The Capricorn Monkey’s lucky numbers are: 4 and 9.

Relationship to the year of the Rat 2020

Monkeys should focus on communication all of 2020. 

They are advised to share their feelings with others and try their best to understand those who may not necessarily agree with them. 

The Monkey’s relationship will improve drastically once they open themselves up to hearing their partner out.

They must also work to be a channel of peace for others and help mediate disagreements between friends or family. 

The Sun

Monkeys should be a channel of peace for others this month and seek to mediate disagreements[/caption]

Coupled Monkeys will strengthen their bond with their significant other, and should work on the romantic aspect of their relationship.

Single Monkeys will be in luck this year in terms of attracting a suitor.  Many people searching for a significant other will be attracted to the Monkey’s peppy personality and their good nature.

Monkeys have wonderful, shiny qualities that many envy and a few can replicate.


With the solar eclipse arriving on December 14, these Capricorn Monkeys are advised to jot down what they seek to accomplish once the new year arrives. 

Some Capricorns may draw back and wish to be alone, while others will seek company from their closest ones to get ideas and tips. 

They must listen to their dreams as they could contain important messages they should take into consideration.

Capricorn Monkeys should watch their finances this month

Saturn and Jupiter leave their sun sign and move into your sector of prosperity toward the middle of the month which will prompt them to watch their finances and guard their funds.

Toward the end of the month, there will be a full moon in their solar seventh house. 

This could be a wonderful opportunity for single Capricorns to meet someone they could go the long-haul with. 

Because of this moon, coupled Caps will be faced with two decisions: cut ties and start a-new come 2021, or draw closer and continue to fight for their relationship.

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