Capricorn Rooster Monthly horoscope: What your Chinese and Western zodiac sign has in store for you

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CAPRICORN Roosters will have lucky opportunities this month and will receive recognition for their work. In Western zodiac, those born in December or January are represented by the Capricorn sign.

In Chinese astrology, Roosters are born in: 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029.

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The Capricorn Rooster will have a month full of opportunities

Capricorn Rooster Traits

Did someone say tough? They most certainly should have done, ‘cos this is a toughie bar none. 

They’re a toughie with charm, mind you, which is a pretty heady mix and garners the sort of success that they’ll demand of themselves, because this Cap is seriously ambitious. 

They have a work ethic that’ll surpass that ambition for aeons too. 

Some Caps are simply imperious and here is one – they’re so strong and self-assured and will have been from the day they took their very first breath. 

Capricorn Roosters have an incredible work ethic and they are full of ambition and drive

They’re the boss – they were probably running the household long before their fifth birthday. “Mom, Dad, come on, get it together, this place is a tip… sort… it… out.” 

Scenarios such as that are not unfamiliar where these ballsy cuties are concerned. 

So imagine that five-year-old bossy-boots hitting adulthood? Tad scary, isn’t it. 

Whatever they do it’ll be efficiently done, because they’re ridiculously organized, stupefyingly sensible and just as conscientious. 

They take great pride in everything they do – and that ambition is an ever-present too. 

They can be serious, too serious sometimes, but when these Caps let their hair down, well, it just keeps on tumblin’… Let’s just say, they know how to have a good time. 

The Rooster is the 9th animal of the Chinese zodiac

They’ll never lose control, mind you, they ain’t reckless and they have an image to protect. 

Last but not least, money – they love it and will work insanely hard to accumulate it.

Types of Roosters

Metal Rooster: Decisive, logical, popular. Need to work on communication and social skills.

Water Rooster: Proud but not boastful. Intuitive, supportive. They love beautiful things. These Roosters work well with others.

Wood Rooster: Jokesters, emotional, they crave affection. Rely on others too much, and need to learn to become independent.

Chinese zodiac signs are determined by birth years

Fire Rooster: Have strong time management skills and are trustworthy. Organized. They have rocky relationships but will settle in their middle ages.

Earth Rooster: Practical, trustworthy and great at managing financial affairs.

Love and compatibility

The Rooster is most compatible with the Ox and the Snake. 

The Ox, Snake, and Roosters are considered deep thinkers. 

They are driven, goal driven and can be very persistent.

The Ox has stamina but can be dull but the Snake is highly diplomatic and sneaky in its way.

The Rooster is the head of the group and is always confident no matter the setback. 

The Rabbit and the Rooster are a bad match

However, the Rooster is least compatible with the Rat, Rabbit, Horse, and Dog. 

When partnered, these signs can be brutal with their opinions and criticism of each other.

The Rooster takes pride in being ambitious and a self-starter and can leave those jealous or anxious about their nature. 

They can also appear to be self-indulgent which can cause rifts in these relationships. 

Lucky Numbers

The Capricorn Rooster’s lucky numbers are: 5,7,8.

Relationship to the year of the Rat 2020

Roosters will have to prepare to use their talents to further their career this year. 

They should be more open to enjoying their friends and family and planning special outings to strengthen ties and have quality time together.

These Roosters will have plenty of success and opportunity during the year of the Rat. 

Capricorn Roosters should enjoy the company of their close friends and family this year

They should work to control their emotions and avoid situations to get out of hand, as sometimes their anger can get the best of them.

Working towards a more peaceful environment will attract better relationships and stronger ties.

If the Roosters manage emotional control, they will avoid hurting others’ feelings with mean words and hurtful actions.

The 12 star signs

  • Aries ♈
  • Taurus ♉
  • Gemini ♊
  • Cancer ♋
  • Leo ♌
  • Virgo ♍
  • Libra ♎
  • Scorpio ♏
  • Sagittarius ♐
  • Capricorn ♑
  • Aquarius ♒
  • Pisces ♓

They should be ready for any kind of fun and adventurous romance this year! Roosters will have plenty of options to pick their “right one” who will leave a lasting impact on their hearts. 

Coupled Roosters must continue to keep their relationship spark alive and not let others come between them.

This year will bring them blessings. Abundance, health, and plenty of joy.


With the solar eclipse arriving on December 14, these Capricorn Roosters are advised to jot down what they seek to accomplish once the new year arrives. 

Some Capricorns may draw back and wish to be alone, while others will seek company from their closest ones to get ideas and tips. 


Signs of the Chinese zodiac exist in harmony with one another in Yin Yang philosophy[/caption]

They must listen to their dreams as they could contain important messages they should take into consideration.

Saturn and Jupiter leave their sun sign and move into your sector of prosperity toward the middle of the month which will prompt them to watch their finances and guard their funds.

Toward the end of the month, there will be a full moon in their solar seventh house. 

This could be a wonderful opportunity for single Capricorns to meet someone they could go the long-haul with. 

Because of this moon, coupled Caps will be faced with two decisions: cut ties and start a-new come 2021, or draw closer and continue to fight for their relationship

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