Car tax updates will lead to 'heavier charges' for road users which will 'punish' families

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The new car tax proposals have caught many by surprise as an expert warns the new system will see plenty of drivers issued with “heavier charges”. Alex Buttle, director of says the updates are set to punish drivers regardless of what vehicle they drive.

“But this update looks to punish everyone regardless of what car you drive – electric, petrol, hybrid, diesel, new or used.

“And for drivers already struggling with the economic costs of the pandemic, it could be a real blow to the pocket.”

Just days ago, businessman Richard Alvin told the charges could be as high as 75pence for each mile covered.

He said this could set some families back up to £500 to cover a simple 400 mile trip from London to Yorkshire.

However, many other experts have attacked the new proposals which they feel would unfairly punish UK drivers.

Daniel Briggs, Managing Director at Motorfinity told that long car journeys could soon be a “thing of the past” as motorists aimed to avoid the heavy charges.

He warned the financial wellbeing of some workers could be affected with commuters set to face additional fees for simply travelling to work.

Electric cars are also a talking point with Mr Briggs pointing out there is no clear decision on whether the scheme will also apply to owners of these models.

As more drivers make the switch to electric vehicles ahead of the 2030 ban, charging will likely begin to ensure the majority of road users are covered.

He added: “To recoup lost revenues from the Prime Minister’s green plans announced last week, Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed there could be a change to the car tax system currently in place, potentially leading to motorists being charged for every mile they drive on Britain’s roads.

“One consideration that I’ve yet to see clarity on though, is whether the pay-per-mile charge will also apply to electric vehicles, given that they typically produce much lower tailpipe emissions than conventional vehicles.”

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