Christmas Eve 2020 horoscope: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Christmas Eve is offering up an opportunity to put old tensions to bed. Mercury has squared with the asteroid Chiron, which brings with it a breath of fresh air. Use the changing winds to focus on unresolved conflicts, and try to draw a difficult year to a close.

Each side of the argument is responsible, but now is the time to make amends.

The Taurus Moon squares Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius which opens up a fresh set of challenges.

Before you embark on resolving the challenges, it is important to close a difficult chapter.

Everyone needs to take their share of the blame, but it is up to you to initiate proceedings.

As the day goes on, and you have resolved what needs to be resolved, you can begin to unwind.

With the air cleared, tension will dissipate, and you can focus on relaxing in time for Christmas.

The Moon is in Taurus, which helps to calm the energy down.You will begin to feel soothed after what has been several stressful days.

Christmas can be financially stressful for everyone, but use the calming energy to draw up a plan to get back on track.

Horoscope Friends said: “Is it time for an apology? Time to clear the air?

“Things may have gotten pretty ugly in the past couple of days: time to air your grievances and state your terms.

“Mercury’s in Capricorn and it wants to talk shop. But there’s a big elephant in the room and that’s Chiron in Aries.

“With such a long list of grievances, can you find common ground?

“Still, try you must to open communication channels. Mercury-Chiron demands just that.”

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