Christmas looks bleak- the government has ‘cried wolf’ too many times and it will only continue

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LOCKDOWN London yesterday gave a two-fingered salute to the so-called experts who have cried “wolf” too often.

Anyone with a second home in the Cotswolds or a pal with a spare room will have piled up their 4x4s, family saloons or electric bikes and got the hell out of Covid Central.

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Coronavirus will cast a long shadow over our Christmas dinner tables this year

Sensibly, police did nothing to stop them, despite exhortations to enforce the new rules from rattled Health supremo Matt Hancock.

Meanwhile, thousands of ­students and workers flooded INTO the capital, leaving their lonely bedsits to join families for the festive reunion Boris so solemnly promised.

To be fair to the PM, he was left with no choice after being bounced into making his Tier 4 announcement by scientists late on Saturday afternoon.

Sadly, some of the old, frail and sick whose lives we are trying to save by leaving them home alone will be celebrating their last Christmas with Zoom and cold turkey.

This virus-spreading churn will spread the new Covid ­variant across the country — precisely the opposite of what doomster Prof Chris Whitty, our Chief Medical Officer, intended.

Polls say one in ten of the 16.4million people now in Tier 4 will flout the stay-home rules. Brace yourselves for nationwide incarceration.

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Polls say one in ten people now in Tier 4 will flout the stay-home rules[/caption]

Even the Blitz Christmases of World War Two, which I am just old enough to remember, weren’t quite so bleak.

For the third time in nine months we are being asked to huddle indoors, wash our hands and save the NHS.

Indeed, the only reason we are locked down is to save the NHS.

The new strain of Covid is no more deadly than the first one. It just spreads faster. Nor does it appear more resistant to the brilliant anti-Covid vaccines coming on-stream.

Yet while we bend the knee to the sacred NHS, the NHS is not returning the compliment.


Hospital beds are no more crowded this December than in any other recent midwinter period.

There are no patients waiting on trolleys in corridors or held outside in ambulances — as they were in the Beast From The East ­winter just two years ago.

Those pristine £200million Nightingale hospitals remain empty, effectively mothballed.

For some ­reason, despite all the lessons learned from the first two lockdowns, and the cash poured into NHS pay rises, there are not enough staff to manage hospital admissions.

Too many doctors and nurses are self-isolating because someone else has tested positive, casualties of that hideously expensive white elephant, test and trace.

The new pandemic panic comes with the jaw-dropping news that hospitals themselves are the No 1 source of Covid.

More than 10,000 uninfected patients caught the bug AFTER being admitted to hospital for other reasons.

Actually this should come as no surprise to families who have lost loved ones thanks to the explosion of hospital- acquired killer infections such as MRSA and sepsis.

Hospitals are bigger bug-spreaders than all Tier 4 pubs, restaurants and shops added together, now closed at nose-bleeding cost to their owners and the economy at large.


The boy who cried “wolf” mimics the alarmism which has so suddenly undermined trust in politicians, and the Public Health England and Sage scientists who now run Britain.

It began in March with “Bonking Boffin” Neil ­Ferguson’s scandalous shroud-waving prediction of half a million Covid corpses. He has still not apologised.

It continued with fake ­forecasts of 4,000 dying EVERY DAY in the second lockdown — binned after they were proved false.

Now we have the latest high-speed Covid 2020-12-01 which suspiciously hit Boris between the eyes on Friday afternoon.

“Crying wolf” works. It kept millions of cowed citizens indoors or behind masks all year.

If Prof Whitty has ­his way, masks will deface the human race forever.

Panic has shut down the economy, destroying jobs and crushing our children and grandchildren beneath mountains of unpayable debt.

It has inflicted huge damage on the mental health of young and old alike.

Boris won't back down

A NO-DEAL Brexit is now effectively nailed on before ­Christmas – thanks partly to Covid.

  Vindictive French President Emmanuel Macron won’t budge on fish.

He thinks Britain will come back begging for a deal after a few months outside. He is ­making a big mistake.

Control of our coastal waters is the totemic issue on which Boris Johnson cannot surrender.

The PM has been bruised by his forced retreat over lockdown. He knows a second surrender – on ­sovereignty – would destroy his premiership at a stroke.

And it has already cost countless cancer, heart and kidney patients the lives our NHS is supposed to save.

One way or another, it’s been a rackety old year, folks, but thanks for reading and especially for all your lovely letters.

I wish you all the merriest of Covid-free Christmases — and a Brexit-lite New Year.

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