Christmas tradition: The strangest British traditions you can revive TODAY

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Victorian Christmas

Victorian Christmas differs little from traditions enjoyed by people today, as 19th-century society saw the introduction of the Christmas tree, cards and pudding.

But the latter aspect of the Victorian celebration included two more trinkets alongside the traditional coin.

In her book The Victorian Christmas, Anna Selby explained how Victorians included three trinkets which unique symbolism for those who found one.

She wrote: “The usual trinkets included a ring, a coin and a thimble.

“When the diners are their pudding, the one who found a ring could expect a wedding, the coin symbolised the gaining of wealth and the thimble meant – depending on the interpretation – either a life of blessedness or spinsterhood.”

People at home may not want to add too many charms around those who might be at risk of choking, but the Victorian method adds a new dynamic to the tradition.

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