Cleaning fanatics are FREEZING washing up liquid & reckon it’s secret to getting dishes with baked-on grime gleaming

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THANKS to the internet, cleaning fans have a long list of quick and easy hacks that they’re just itching to try out around the house.

If it’s not using cling film to clean your shower hose, then it’s making sure your skirting boards are dust free by wiping them over with fabric softener.


Cleaning fans are swearing by frozen washing up liquid to clean burned-on grease[/caption]

Now, the latest trend has seen cleaning fanatics freeze washing-up liquid in ice trays.

They reckon doing so is the secret to tackling dishes that are covered with baked-on grime, as the detergent easily soaks into the dirt and removes it with ease.

TikTok user @tanyahomeinspo tried the hack out for herself and revealed just how easily the frozen cubes of washing up liquid clean dirty oven racks.

In a step-by-step video, she was seen filling an ice tray with washing up liquid before popping out a frozen cube and rubbing it along each groove of the rack that was covered in grease.


Using an ice tray, freeze washing-up liquid to create ice cubes[/caption]


Using the frozen cube rub it on the built-up dirt and grease[/caption]


One cleaning fan revealed how easily it works on dirty oven racks[/caption]


The cube melts into the dirt and leaves it sparkling[/caption]


People were left so impressed by the results as the over rack looked good as new[/caption]

Just like that, the grease started to fall away as the frozen cube melted and worked itself into the dirt and grime.

She was left with a sparkling oven rack that looked as good as new and people were impressed with her results.

Hundreds liked the video shared online, with one person commenting: “Omg. This is brilliant.”

Another said: “I’m going 2 do this right now (sic).”

A third agreed: “Definitely going to try this.”

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