Cleaning: How to prevent bathroom mould and get rid of it with baking soda and more

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Now is the time to start spring cleaning your home as summer is on its way. Keeping your bathroom clean prevents bacteria from gathering and, in turn, prevents you from catching any illnesses or diseases.

Lastly, rinse the surface with water to remove any residue.

Baking soda gets rid of most stains, but the best thing to do when it comes to mould is to prevent it from developing in your bathroom in the first place.

Bathroom experts at have shared their top tips on how to make keep mould away permanently.

One of the easiest things to do is to keep your bathroom ventilated – this is essential for preventing mould as the bacteria grows in moist areas.

Another obvious way to prevent mould from developing is to regularly clean your bathroom.

Clean the area thoroughly once a week, removing as much dust as you can.

You can also spray a little vinegar around mould-prone areas to ensure you are doing as much as possible to prevent the bacteria from growing.

Although they are a bit more expensive than natural household ingredients, mould resistant bathroom products such as paint, grout, and caulking, could come in handy when wanting to prevent black mould.

Other tips that Drench offered are to buy a squeegee and use it to remove any water or residue on the shower screen, and invest in a heated towel rail.

Wet towels left on the floor can contribute to mould growth, therefore putting them on a heated towel rail will ensure that your towels dry quickly.

Additionally, if you have a shower curtain instead of a screen or a door, ensure that this is kept clean by putting it in the washing machine once a week.

This will prevent any bacteria from growing on it, which could in turn lead to mould.

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