Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fan shares 'excellent' 80p spray to remove soap scum from shower

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Mrs Hinch fans regularly offer tips and hacks onto dedicated cleaning social media pages. Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips forum, one person asked for advice on how to remove soap scum from the shower.

It is also antibacterial and antiseptic so it is known to be a natural bleach.

It also smells great which cleaning products often don’t so can leave your home smelling fresh for hours.

While many might like using natural cleaning products, others prefer to use specific cleaning products.

Another fan recommended a cheap cleaning spray.

She said: “Tesco shower spray is excellent and only 80p.”

The supermarket said: “Tesco daily shower cleaning spray prevents build up of grime, soap scum and limescale, as well as water marks.

“Keeps the whole shower area sparkling clean without the need to scrub. Suitable for all bathroom surfaces, including enamel.”

Another Mrs Hinch fan also agreed and said: “The Tesco shower spray works wonders and it lasts ages too.”

Many others suggested using Viakal, a cleaning spray that can remove the toughest of limescale from the bathroom.

The spray can be picked up for as little as £1 in most supermarkets as well as B&M.

Taking to the same Facebook group, cleaning fans also suggested using a window squeegee can help to prevent build up of soap scum as well as mould.

One user said: “I use a window squeegee thing after I use the shower.

“Helps loads at preventing build up when you finally get it cleaned.”

Another user replied: “I use a squeegee after every shower which stops any water marks afterwards.”

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