Coldplay’s Chris Martin goes ‘on the record’ after being accused of stealing £30 on his first day working in supermarket

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COLDPLAY’S Chris Martin wants to set the record straight to confirm he did not steal £30 from the till at supermarket where he once worked.

The singer opened up about his first day working at the supermarket many years ago and how his boss accused him of stealing, even though he maintains his innocence.

Parlophone Records

Coldplay’s Chris Martin swears he never stole money when he worked at a supermarket[/caption]

“I used to work at a supermarket called Kwik Save in the late 1990’s… I don’t drink or smoke or do the lottery so they put me on the alcohol and cigarette counter where they sell scratch cards and it somewhat put me off,” he told BBC Radio 2.

“Only my manager would remember me from then, he accused me of stealing on my first day.

“He said the till was £30 down and not to let it happen again – and I didn’t gosh darn it. I didn’t steal it – I’d like to go on record.”

Parlophone Records

The singer revealed his manager accused him of stealing on his first day at the supermarket[/caption]

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He didn’t like working at the shop very much and we’re grateful he switched to a music career instead[/caption]

Chris also spoke about how lockdown not only gave him an opportunity to slow down, but engage in some self-reflection.

“Last year was a quite an eye-opener,” he said.

“I was like, ‘Who am I without Wembley stadium, saying you’re awesome?’ I’m trying in my life right now to not attach too much to being a pop star. I’m trying not to get my self-worth from external validation.”

The band released their comeback single Higher Power, this week and premiered the track live from the International Space Station.

Coldplay launched their new single from the International Space Station

They also recorded their Brits performance with a bang by setting off fireworks from a barge on the River Thames while recording their comeback performance.

And in April, they shot the first performance of the track, which will also be the opening number of the Brit Awards on May 11.

Chris, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion recorded themselves on a boat outside the O2 Arena in South East London ahead of the release of their ninth album, Music Of The Spheres.

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Coldplay’s new album is called Music of the Spheres[/caption]

Bosses at their record label Parlophone suggested what fans should expect the album later this year.

Parlophone co-president Mark Mitchell said: “It’s kind of unlike previous Coldplay campaigns because before, often there’s been one or maybe two singles and then an album quite quickly.

“I think part of the reason why they are probably still the biggest band in the world is that they’re very conscious of not wanting to live in their bubble.

“When it comes to getting into a campaign, we always have three or four months of conversation about what’s going on now, what’s the best way to approach this record in today’s market. They’re very interested in what other people are doing.”

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