Coronation Street spoilers: Grace returns as Michael Bailey gets paternity test on her baby

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GRACE Vickers returns to the cobbles in the new year and urges Michael Bailey to get a paternity test on her baby. 

Michael – who is played by actor Ryan Russell in the ITV soap – turned Grace into the police back in October without realising she was pregnant with his baby. 

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Michael finds Grace on his doorstep

Michael had just discovered that Grace had spent nearly a year pretending that Tiana – who was under Grace’s care as a nanny – was their daughter.

Her shocking web of lies came after Michael did a runner when she initially told him she was pregnant, leaving her to bring up the child on her own. 

Michael then spotted Grace again at Frescho in November 2019 by chance and assumed that Tiana must be their child given the timeline – and vowed to win them back. 

Grace tells Michael the baby is his and begs him to get a paternity test
Michael vows to support Grace when the test reveals he’s the father
Aggie is horrified when she discovers the baby

But Michael discovered that Tianna wasn’t his child after he was arrested for kidnapping the youngster to stop Grace taking her to Spain and handed her over to the police.

Michael regretted his decision when Grace dropped the huge bombshell that she was pregnant – and that the baby was his. 

Episodes of Corrie set to air in the New Year will see Michael shocked to find Grace on his doorstep. 

Grace explains she’s just got out of prison and suggests a paternity test, assuring Michael that the baby she’s carrying is his this time. 

Later in the week, viewers will see Michael track Grace down when the test reveals he is the father of the baby and attend her 20 week scan.

Michael vows to support Grace through the pregnancy but Aggie is horrified by her son’s decision.

Can Grace be trusted?

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