Coronation Street viewers thrilled as Maria Connor finally kicks Gary Windass out after murder row

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CORRIE viewers were thrilled tonight after Maria Connor – played by Samia Longchambon – finally started to figure out the truth about husband Gary Windass. 

Evil Gary, played by Mikey North, has been lying through his teeth for months and months and it seems the one person he thought was wrapped around his finger has seen the light. 


Maria reached the end of her tether and booted Gary out[/caption]

The hairdresser had enough of her husband’s lies and threw him out, much to the delight of viewers. 

One wrote: “YES! Maria finally waking up to Gary”

“‘Just get out, I can’t even look at you right now’ yeah it’s not going to be a happy Christmas for Maria and Gary… it’s all coming out now,” penned another.

While a third rejoiced: “Yeah! Boot that ginger toytown gangster out, Maria. You can do so much better than him.”


Gary has been lying for ages about murdering Rick[/caption]


Maria got viewers approval after she kicked him and stopped being his alibi[/caption]

“YESS go on Maria, kick him out!,” added a fourth.

During Wednesday night’s episode from Weatherfield, Gary found himself in danger of being exposed as a murderer. 

His ex-girlfriend Sarah Platt, played by Tina O’Brien, grassed him up and informed Crime Stoppers that she knew where Rick Neelan’s (Greg Wood) body was buried. 

Shady Gary initially thought the police detective’s visit was about Adam Connor’s attack and rushed to make sure Maria was going to keep to her story and give him an alibi. 

Sarah Platt snitched about Rick’s body to the police
Sarah knows a lot about Rick’s death but she still wants Gary gone

Maria clearly wasn’t happy about it but agreed to do it, however, the builder-turned-loan-shark got a shock when he was actually questioned about Rick’s disappearance. 

After he realised the police had nothing on him and he was let go, Sarah flew into a furious rage and confronted him at the flat. 

She raged, accusing him of murdering and moving Rick’s body to save his own skin and as she did – both of them realised Maria was in the flat.

Shocked, scared and fed up, Maria confronted Gary about his lies. She even asked him to look her in the eye and tell her he didn’t have anything to do it. 

She quickly realised that Gary is a master of lying and was a seasoned professional, screaming at him to get out of the flat. 

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