Coronavirus UK news – Christmas covid surge WORSE now than any time during 1st wave, expert warns as mutant strains rage

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THE Christmas covid surge is worse than any spike seen during the first wave of the virus, a SAGE expert has warned.

Speaking of the astonishing 744 covid deaths yesterday, Sir Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust and Government’s SAGE advisory body member, tweeted “Heartbreaking & tragic. Situation worse than ‘Wave 1”.

He pointed out that with medical treatment massively improving and mortality rates now much lower among those hospitalised with covid, a death toll of 744 really shows how out of control the virus currently is.

His comments come as analysis of another mutant strain found in the UK – this time from South Africa – showed it to be even easier to transmit that the current mutant strain surging in south east England.

In the meantime you can follow all the latest news and analysis of the new covid crisis in our live blog below.

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