Covid ward nurses struggling to afford Christmas after refund for Turkey holiday refused

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Claire Hughes paid more than £5,000 for the holiday in the Turkish resort of Antalya for a seven-strong group made up of herself, her fellow staff nurse Georgina Maria and their respective families. But then the coronavirus pandemic struck, and the holiday was cancelled in May by the operator, Teletext Holidays, she told the Liverpool Echo.

Since then Claire claims she has fought in vain to have the costs of the holiday refunded.

She claims calls went unanswered for long periods and, when she did get through, repeated promises to pay the money back were not honoured.

She also claims the travel company blocked her on social media.

This has left both Claire, from Aintree, Liverpool, and her fellow nurse Georgina, from Melling in Sefton, high and dry.

Claire, 38, said: “We both worked on a high risk Covid ward in full PPE for 12 and a half hour shifts.

“The holiday was something we were looking forward to, and our children were so happy to be going away, and excited to be going together.

“But by the beginning of May our suspicions told us we were not going away and it would be cancelled, which it was – a week before we were due to fly.” 

Claire claims Teletext Holidays issued her with a credit note to be used on another holiday, but that a refund could not be requested until the end of July via an email address.

Since then she claims to have made repeated attempts to have the money refunded back into her account, all without success.

She said: “When contacting Teletext via telephone you are left initially on hold for over an hour before an adviser answers, when they answer they again put you on hold.
“The customer advisers cannot give answers to the questions asked, they cannot give a time frame for the refund.

They just say it’s being processed and will be in the account by the end of each month.

“Teletext Holidays have blocked me on Twitter so there is no way of communication with them, I’m on hold for over an hour and 39 minutes before speaking to somebody to be told it’s still being processed.” 

Claire added: “Working full time through the second wave of Covid as a nurse on the frontline has been a challenge both mentally and physically. I’m now having the added stresses of having to worry about my money.

“The most disappointing thing is not being able to provide our children with the holiday they have so desperately looked forward to, and being too young to understand why it’s been cancelled is heartbreaking.

“But now, after six empty promises that we will receive our refund at the end of November we are now in a situation where we are unable to provide them with a Christmas they deserve.” Teletext Holidays have been contacted for comment but has yet to respond.

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