Daily horoscope for January 16: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac today

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The Pisces Moon will make you feel exhilarated today. All of your sensations will be heightened, leaving you mesmerised by the bright lights and sounds. You will grow into the day with a newfound sense of purpose and an abundance of energy.

But be wary of Mars, Venus and Uranus today, as they could throw some surprises.

They may bring some challenges which will manifest as a problem with a loved one.

But use your energy from the Pisces Moon to overcome these hurdles.

Remember not to get too carried away with this new found lust for life.

You may want to caution to the wind, but it will come back to haunt you.

While today you might have a lust for life, tomorrow might be a different story.

However, today is the day to explore new avenues but approach them with caution.

Opportunities might present themselves which turn out too good to be true.

Horoscope Friends said: “The Moon’s deep in the watery depths of Pisces and you are travelling alongside it too, on a fantastic journey of make-believe.

“Lights, sounds, feelings – it’s all pretty magical right now as the Pisces Moon connects with lovers Mars and Venus – with a bit of sugar and spice thrown in for good measure by Uranus.

“You’re ready to take a risk and see where the road takes you.

“Most likely over the edge of the cliff, perhaps, but hey!

“You won’t notice this till you’re well on your way to the bottom, desperately flapping your arms as you finally hear the thud. Ouch.”

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