Dan Walker: BBC Breakfast host speaks out on 'banned' prop after 'special' announcement


Dan Walker, the host of BBC Breakfast, surprised fans of the morning programme when he revealed a prop had been “banned” from the show.

On Wednesday’s episode, the 42-year-old presenter, who co-hosted the show with Louise Minchin, was joined on the famous red sofa by Sally Nugent.

Sports correspondent Sally took to the podium to discuss the Netball World Cup and announced BBC Breakfast had been given “special” access to the tournament trophy.

“[I] just have time to tell you that in the last few moments we have been given special permission to do one very important thing…”

Handing over to Dan, the host quipped: “Look! I’ve been handed the gloves of doom. Wait for it…” as he put on a white pair of gloves.

He went on to add: “They are a little grubby to be fair. I’ve only put them on so I can do a bit of Marcel Marceau.”

After imitating the iconic French actor and mime artist, Marcel Marceau, he pulled out the trophy from under the table.

“Here it is, so 100 days until this is handed out. The current holders are Australia I think, won by Australia in 2015.”

However, the TV star’s impersonation did not go unnoticed as one viewer took to Twitter to comment on his performance.”

“Dan Walker, Louie Minchin loved the brief Marcel Marceau moment,” the person wrote, before begging: “More please.”

In response to the tweet, Dan revealed: “The gloves have been banned,” a statement which was followed by several laughing face emojis.

Later in the day, the father-of-three uploaded a close up picture of himself holding the trophy while wearing the gloves.

Accompanying the image with a caption, the BBC Breakfast favourite likened the cup to a “giant roll-on deodorant”.

He wrote: “We have the Netball World Cup in today as we are 100 days away from the tournament coming to the UK.

“It looks a bit like a giant roll-on deodorant but Tracey Neville is hoping to guide England Netball to glory in Liverpool.”

The post garnered the attention of some of his 55,800 Twitter followers, with most commenting on his facial expression in the photograph.

One person wrote: “Looking a bit nervous (or very sceptical) Mr Walker!” as another urged: “Don’t drop it Dan.”

“Giant roll-on deodorant’ – thanks Dan, just laughed me scrambled eggs all over the carpet,” a third laughed.

On Dan wearing gloves, someone else added: “Too right he did! That’s a very precious bit of metal and a worrying fragile looking bit of glass on top!”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One at 6am.


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