Daniel Dubois rushed to hospital over eye nerve damage and broken orbital bone fears after ‘quitting’ in Joe Joyce loss

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DANIEL DUBOIS had to be rushed to hospital over fears for his horror swollen eye.

Dynamite lost in a ten-round thriller to Joe Joyce when he was counted out after taking a knee because of the damage.

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Daniel Dubois was rushed to hospital over fears for his swollen eye[/caption]

News Group Newspapers Ltd

Joe Joyce scored a shock win after targeting Dubois’ left eye throughout the fight[/caption]

Joyce continued to target his left eye, which had been a problem from round two.

By the end of the fight his eye was completely closed and ultimately caused Dubois to give in.

It was later revealed that Dubois was rushed to hospital for standard neurological tests, before being taken onto Moorfields – a specialist eye hospital in east London.

Despite the heavy damage, former world champion Carl Frampton was not impressed with how Dubois finished the fight,

Speaking on BT Sport, Frampton ssaid: “I think that we all like Dubois, he’s a likeable guy.

“But if it’s someone we didn’t like wed say he’s a quitter. And I think he quit there.

News Group Newspapers Ltd

Joyce celebrates his stunning win – which should catapult him to world level[/caption]

News Group Newspapers Ltd

Dubois, 23, is feared to have suffered nerve damage or a broken orbital bone[/caption]

News Group Newspapers Ltd

Dubois took a knee in the tenth round before he was counted out[/caption]

“I have to be brutally honest, let’s call a spade a spade, he took a knee from a shot in the eye.

“His eye was a mess, his eye was closed but I get dragged out of the ring. I wouldn’t take a knee and get pulled out.”

Joyce later called out Oleksandr Usyk in his post-fight interview, mocking the Ukrainian’s “USSSSSYYYYKKKK” shout.

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