Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce round-by round: How huge British heavyweight clash went down before shock ending

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JOE JOYCE left Daniel Dubois beaten into submission to walk away with the British, Commonwealth and European belts.

Dubois’ was counted out in the heavyweight headliner after taking a knee in round ten.

Richard Pelham – The Sun

Joe Joyce left Daniel Dubois beaten into submission[/caption]

But after he failed to beat the count, Joyce pulled off the upset capping off a masterful performance.

Dubois’ left eye was completely shut thanks to the mass amount of jabs landed by Joyce.

Here SunSport tells the story of the fight.


Dubois lands the first telling shot of the fight with a big over the top.

But Joyce is making his mark with a ramrod jab, constantly picking DDD off.

Joyce shoots the jab down to the body every now and then and ends the round with a good right hand.

Richard Pelham – The Sun

Joyce made his mark with a ramrod jab early on [/caption]


Dubois comes out much more aggressively.

He lands with a big right hand, but the follow up left hook just misses.

Dubois closing the distance much better and lands another right hand to stamp his authority.

Richard Pelham – The Sun

Dubois came out much more aggressively in round two [/caption]


Couple of big one-two combinations finds home for Dubois, who is on the front foot.

DDD jabbing better and a left hook lands clean.

Joyce’s jab improves as the round draws to a close, a very consistent shot that keeps Dubois at range.

Richard Pelham – The Sun

Dubois lands with a big right hand over the top [/caption]


Dubois lands with a big one-two, but the uppercut grazes past the target.

Joyce lunges in with a rear hand as he comes forward but his jab can’t miss as DDD looks unable to slip it.

Big right hand lands at the end for DDD, whose eye is starting to show damage.

Richard Pelham – The Sun

Joyce lands yet another clean jab on Dubois [/caption]


Pace is evidently slowing, as Dubois has put a lot into his power punching whereas Joyce has been relaxed with an educated jab.

DDD lands another good right hand but can’t pounce and follow it up.

Joyce’s jab has been the difference in the round again and the underdog has proven to have a good chin.

Getty Images – Getty

Dubois struggled to follow up his attacks [/caption]


Dubois coming forward but walks right into a counter rear hand.

A good left hook lands for DDD and as the two come into a clinch, he clips Joyce with a right hook.

Joyce ends the round tripling up the jab which Dubois seems incapable of defending.

Richard Pelham – The Sun

Dubois and Joyce come together [/caption]


Big right hand for Dubois, but he misses with an uppercut.

Joyce finds home with a right hand to the body but DDD responds with a one-two combination.

Clean one-two from Joyce lands to close out another round – Dubois’ eye looks closed.

Richard Pelham – The Sun

Joyce finds home with a right hand to the body[/caption]


Joyce continues to pump out his excellent jab and lands a short right hand.

Dubois is coming forward but is struggling to get past Joyce’s jab.

Big right hand misses from DDD who is sensing he needs to put a dent in his opponent.

Getty Images – Getty

Joyce continues to pump out his excellent jab and lands a short right hand[/caption]


Good round for Joyce but DDD with the more eye-catching moments throughout this fight so far.

Joyce stabbing the jab over and over, turning Dubois’ left eye blue, but Dubois is still having spurts of energy.

DDD begins to look little more laboured, with Joyce moving well on the back foot with his jab.

Richard Pelham – The Sun

Dubois’ eye looks severely swollen [/caption]


Fight is over as Joyce lands a massive jab right on the target.

DDD takes a step back before dropping to a knee, where he fails to beat the count.

Dubois, for the first time in his career, beaten into submission with his eye severely swollen.

Richard Pelham – The Sun

Dubois takes a knee and fails to beat the count [/caption]

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