Danny Dyer reveals dramatic moment father-in-law ‘dropped down dead’ in front of entire family in Christmas Eve collapse

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DANNY DYER has spoken about the dramatic moment his father “dropped down dead” in front of the entire family on Christmas Eve. 

The EastEnders actor, 43, recalled the incident during an episode of the Sorted with the Dyers podcast that he hosts with daughter Dani, 24. 

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Danny and Dani discussed the dramatic Christmas moment – seen her with Jo Mas[/caption]

Antony Dyer, known affectionately as Bruv, captured the nation’s heart when he appeared on Love Island in 2018 to see his granddaughter Dani Dyer during the Meet the Family episode. 

With Christmas just days away, Danny and his daughter Dani were discussing some dramatic moments from previous years. 

He said: “Last Christmas, he’s diabetic Bruv and we got a fish platter. It had whelks on it, jellied eels, a bit of lobster, and Bruv was tucking in and then he came over all funny and collapsed.”

Confirming the episode, Dani replied: “We thought we’d lost Bruv on Christmas Eve.”


Dani introduced the nation to her granddad ‘Bruv’ on the 2018 series of Love Island[/caption]


Dani calls him Bruv because she really wanted a brother when she was younger[/caption]

“Well, he’s diabetic, as is Jo [Danny’s wife], so he’s got to regulate,” explained Danny. 

“We take it for granted that diabetics have to jack themselves up every time they put something in their f***ing mouths.

“I think he had a jellied eel in his mouth. Oh actually, no, I’ll tell you what it was – he was taking all the jellied eels and I thought, ‘How many more f***ing jellied eels does he want?’

“So I was slightly getting the hump, and then he collapsed. And then all was forgiven.


Dani’s grandparents flew out to see her when she was on the show[/caption]


Dani was with ex-boyfriend Jack Fincham, who she won the show with [/caption]

“He was alright. We did ring the ambulance. I was on the phone to them and then he sort of recovered and then he had a bath.

“He had a Yazoo [milkshake], because obviously when they [diabetics] get really low they need sugar, so he had a Yazoo in the bath.

“He is very well respected in our house.”

Dani, who competed and won the 2018 series of Love Island, explained exactly why she calls her grandfather Bruv on the show.


Danny and Dani have their own podcast Sorted with the Dyers[/caption]

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Jo and Danny had their daughter Dani when they were 19[/caption]

“I call me grandad Bruv because I wanted a brother when I was little,” she declared.

“It’s a confusing story but he’s me brother in a weird sense,” she beamed.

The daughter of EastEnders actor Danny Dyer and Joanne Mas, is due to give birth to her first child with boyfriend Sammy Kimmence very soon.

There was some speculation that the star had already given birth when she posted a snap with a seemingly flatter stomach.

The Love Island winner uploaded the phone snap of her posing in her pyjamas in the bathroom mirror before quickly deleting it.

Dani revealed in July that she was pregnant with her first child.

She held up her baby scan writing: “Little bubba can’t believe you are going to be ours.

“Me and Sammy are so excited to start this next chapter in our lives, feel so lucky and grateful.. 2021.”

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