Demi Sims told Netflix star ex Francesca to ‘leave London’ as she confirms they’re ‘not on good terms’ after split

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FRANCESCA Farago has revealed that her ex Demi Sims told her to “leave London” as she confirmed they’re “not on good terms” after a bitter split.

The couple broke up last month after a whirlwind romance, with Canadian Netflix star Francesca now telling all in a new YouTube video.


Francesca detailed her break up with Demi in a new vlog[/caption]


The pair suffered a bitter split last month[/caption]

Discussing the end of their romance, Francesca admitted that they had left on bad terms after the spark “fizzled”.

She said: “We could have remained friends”, but Demi had a different view and “blocked her”.

Francesca told her 303k subscribers that the Towie favourite had savagely said: “You’re cut”, with the Too Hot To Handle beauty adding: “I felt like I didn’t really deserve that because I don’t think I did anything wrong.

“We just kind of fizzled – there was no spark!


Demi told Canadian Francesca to leave London after the split[/caption]

“We were filming then we would come home, watch movies, and go to bed.

“We weren’t having conversations, or doing anything fun, or seeing anything in London.”

Francesca went on: “After the break-up, she blocked me and deleted me. She told me to leave London.”


Francesca described her and Demi’s relationship as “fizzled”[/caption]


Francesca asked Demi to be her girlfriend after just three days[/caption]

Francesca also informed her viewers that she asked Demi to be her girlfriend after just three days.

She then explained their relationship first went “south” after she got sick with coronavirus.

The reality star shared: “We lived together right off the bat and everything was great, and then I got Covid. I got really sick, it kicked my a**.

“I almost had to go to the hospital. I think that’s when things started to go south between Demi and I.


Francesca said she wasn’t supported after moving country[/caption]

“’We were only talking to each other for a few weeks online before we met, and then we moved in together right away so we never had that dating period or getting-to-know-you period.”

Francesca added that she didn’t feel supported by her partner after moving to the UK from Canada.

She said: “I was really, really stressed and I was really frustrated because I didn’t really feel like Demi was helping me and I’m moving across the country for this person.

“I was spending so much money… It was a lot of effort and work and I just didn’t feel like I was being helped out or anything was being reciprocated.”


Francesca plans to leave the UK now the romance is over[/caption]

Although she stayed in the UK after the split, Francesca hopes to move to the US soon.

She also believed her relationship with Demi didn’t work due to their “different love languages.”

Meanwhile on TOWIE, fans saw Demi break down in as she told her sisters Chloe and Frankie over her split from Francesca.

Demi wept at the time: “Me and Francesca broke up. I feel literally heartbroken, but it was for the best. It was the best for both of us. 

“We just weren’t getting on behind closed doors. The relationship we were having in front of everyone else was a different relationship from what we were having when no one was there.

“The spark was gone. There was no conversation, it was like getting blood out of a stone.’

“I just feel so unhappy. I would’ve given her the world if she wanted it but, I don’t know, it just didn’t work. It just really hurt me.”

Eagle-eyed fans noticed the former couple had stopped following each other on social media soon after the split.

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