Drivers who listen to R&B music are most likely to crash, research finds

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MOTORISTS listening to R&B music are most likely to crash, researchers say.

Having the likes of Beyonce playing saw drivers at 70mph on a simulator brake 14ft too late to avoid a smash.

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Listening to the likes of Beyonce in the car could slow down your reaction time[/caption]

The safest music was rap, with test subjects pulling up 51ft before hitting an obstruction.

The study also found that having a strong cup of coffee 20 minutes before taking the test led to drivers stopping with 78ft to spare.

Women performed better than men and, perhaps surprisingly, having noisy kids improved reaction times. — which teamed up with behavioural science consultancy CX Lab for the tests on 100 drivers — said: “Participants listening to rap music did much better than those listening to no music at all.

“At the other end of the scale, people listening to R&B had the worst reaction times.

“But out of all the factors we tested, caffeine had the biggest impact on results.”


The study also found that women performed better than men[/caption]

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