EastEnders bombshell as Linda Carter reveals she’s pregnant and it’s NOT Mick’s baby

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EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Linda Carter revealed she’s pregnant – and it’s not Mick’s baby.

The Queen Vic landlady – who is played by actress Kellie Bright in the BBC soap – dropped the bombshell tonight after she had a scan at the hospital.

Linda told her husband Mick that she’s pregnant
Mick was devastated to learn he isn’t the father

But while Mick was overjoyed at the news, he was soon brought down to earth with a thump when Linda revealed just how far she is along – and that it can’t be his child.

Earlier in the episode Linda had caused chaos by cancelling her daughter Nancy’s doctor’s appointment for her sterilisation.

She visited the hospital to try and convince the consultant not to operate but while shouting felt faint.

Despite her unhinged behaviour, the doctor helped her and got her a scan – which showed her to be five months pregnant.

Nancy yelled at Linda to stop intervening

Returning home Linda clashed with daughter Nancy who stormed out – and Linda began moaning to Mick.

“I only ever tried to be a good mum, but look where it’s got me,” she said before dropping a hint at what else was in store.

She said: “Maybe next time I’ll get it right, eh?”

Mick replied: “What do you mean next time? What a baby? That’s amazing. 

Mick was excited by the baby news at first thinking that he was the father

“This is what we need, it’s like a fresh start for us. Another little Carter on the firm, Ollie will have a little mate…”

But as he burst with excitement, Linda broke the bad news – that it isn’t his baby – it’s Max Branning’s.

“I had a scan at that hospital,” she said adding: “I’m five months pregnant, Mick. It’s not yours.”

Linda informed Mick she was five months pregnant and could not be the father

Fans are in shock.

One wrote: “Linda is preggers & the baby is Max’ #EastEnders

A second said: “Max just can’t stop reproducing.”

Another added: “WHAT??? Linda pregnant by Max?? Did not see that coming.”

Callum begged Ben for forgiveness
Ben was left reeling after Callum’s confession and called of the wedding

Elsewhere on the square, Ben was left reeling from Callum’s confession.

Callum finally revealed he was working undercover with the police to catch Phil.

Ben cannot believe how long Callum had deceived him and he calls off the wedding.

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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