EastEnders spoilers: Kush Kazemi blackmails Phil Mitchell over the car heist to get more money for Kat

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KUSH Kazemi will blackmail Phil Mitchell over the car heist to get more money for Kat Slater in EastEnders. 

Phil refused to hand over the money to the Slaters after Kush ruined the heist by reading the wrong security code out and getting caught by the police. 

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Kush blackmails Phil into handing over the heist money[/caption]

Kush the narrowly escaped by blackmailing police officer Callum Highway into letting him go or he’d grass on Ben Mitchell.

But Kush’s antics and threats towards his family didn’t go down too well with Phil, who refused to give the Slaters the heist money and warned Kush not to ever return to Walford.

Realising the impact being on the run forever would have on his family, Kush decides to hand himself in next week. 


Kush tells Kat he’ll be a free man once he’s out of prison[/caption]

And now it has been revealed that Phil will finally give Kush the rest of the money as a gesture for keeping his mouth shut in upcoming scenes. 

Kush then demands Phil’s financial support when he gets out of prison or he’ll tell the police the truth. 

Kush promises Kat life will be better once he’s a free man

Speaking to Digital Spy about Kush’s decision to hand himself in, Kush revealed: “I think Kush would rather serve his time and still see his son (Arthur) than to be on the run for the rest of his life,” he said. “When it comes to it, he has a lot of love for his boy and I don’t think he wants to miss seeing him grow up.

“As much as he loves Kat and Kat’s boys, Arthur is his flesh and blood. In the end he decides the only thing to do is to hand himself in.”

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