EastEnders spoilers: Nancy Carter suffers devastating fit while babysitting for Albie Watts

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NANCY Carter suffers a devastating fit while babysitting for Albie Watts next week in EastEnders. 

Nancy – who suffers from epilepsy in the BBC One soap – left her family fearing she was unwell after hiding CBD oil and making secret visits to the hospital. 

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Sharon finds Nancy sleeping at the gym[/caption]

But when Linda confronted her daughter, Nancy dropped the huge bombshell that she’s choosing to be sterilized because she doesn’t want to have children.

Next week, Linda continues to reel in the wake of Nancy’s shock revelation.

Meanwhile, Sharon finds Nancy asleep at the gym and, after taking her back to hers, Nancy opens up to Zack about her row with Linda. 

Zack offers to take Nancy for a drink at Ruby’s and, when he asks how he can help, she jokes that she needs a toothbrush.


Zack tells Mick and Linda that Nancy wants to move out[/caption]

Zack hatches a plan and dashes off to The Vic but his search for Nancy’s toothbrush goes disastrously wrong.

When Zack bumps into Linda, she confronts him and he ends up dropping the bombshell that Nancy wants to move out.

When Sharon gets wind of Zack’s behaviour, she’s fuming. 


Linda begs Nancy to stay[/caption]


Nancy suffers an epileptic fit while looking after Sharon’s baby Albie[/caption]

Meanwhile, Nancy packs up her stuff at the Carters as Mick and Linda beg her to stay.

Nancy agrees to stay as long as they support her big decision.

Later in the week, Sharon asks if Nancy can babysit and she reluctantly agrees. 

It all kicks off as Nancy feels unwell and suffers an epileptic fit.

She manages to put Albie in his playpen and call Mick in time just as she falls to the ground.

Will Mick arrive in time?

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