Emmerdale spoilers: Will takes a job at Home Farm as Jamie Tate threatens him over burgeoning relationship with Dawn

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WILL Taylor takes a job at Home Farm as Jamie Tate grows closer to his daughter Dawn Taylor.

In episodes of the ITV soap set to air in the new year, fans will see the Tate tyrant threaten Will not to interfere with his blossoming relationship with Dawn.

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Millie goes missing under Dawn and Jamie’s supervision

Viewers will see Jamie and Dawn grow closer over the Christmas period in Emmerdale.

Disaster strikes, however, when Millie goes missing under their supervision. 

What’s happened to Millie?

Dawn’s dad Will gets a job as groundsman at Home Farm

Episodes set in the new year will see Harriet manage to keep Charles at arms length. 

Meanwhile, Will bags a job at a groundsman at Home Farm, but Jamie is quick to square up to him and vow to make things difficult if he continues to interfere with his relationship with Dawn.

Could Will manage to drive a wedge between Dawn and Jamie? 

Jamie orders Will not to interfere with his relationship with Dawn

Viewers know that Will and Jamie have been at each other’s throats for months in the soap after Jamie noticed Will growing closer to his ex Andrea.

Jamie then made a point of making life difficult for Dawn while Will was watching on, leading Will to lose control and violently punch Will in the face. 

Jamie then tried to fire Dawn, telling her he’d seen her meeting with her dealer.

But Dawn admitted the man was an old client – and also offered to sleep with Jamie if it would mean she could keep her job. 

Jamie decided to take Dawn up on her offer, knowing full well that it would be a way to infuriate Dawn’s dad Will even further. 

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